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Saturday, June 8, 2019


I believe the United Against Hate response to the Dayton KKK Rally was Phony.  They do not act like this everyday. See, Midwestern Racists are the worst kind of racist, because on one hand they smile in your face, and are scientific about how to discriminate against you.  One the other hand, they have muscle and are willing to use it to break you down.  From my experience Dayton is United Against Black Men.  Sure they'll throw a few monkeys and shines out there to pretty much say "Massah Treating us Good what them crazy Nigroes talking bout."  But this is not the reality.

For example the Dayton area used to have a few years back among the highest per capita percentage of Prisoners in the Department of Youth Services (DYS) and the Ohio Department of Correction.  If Dayton was the size of Cincinnati Area they would have sent twice the number people to prison.  If Dayton was the size of Columbus they would have sent 35% more people to prison than Columbus area does.

Recent stats.
Now, the other large Urban counties have not caught up to Montgomery County- they now exceed Montgomery County.  Hamilton County (Cincinnati) has 4000 Blacks in prison while they only have 900 Whites in prison.  Remember, Hamilton County is only 33% Black.  The Whites are mostly diverted to treatment and/or rehabilitation programs, while the Blacks are

Montgomery County (Dayton) has over 1300 Blacks in Prison and nearly 900 Whites in Prison.  Remember, non-Blacks make up 75% of Montgomery County's Population.

This means The Judges in Ohio are openly Racist.

They may claim they aren't Racist and throw out a few of their "I love Blacks" Bonafides out there to make it look like they aren't Racist.  However, what they practice is Policy Racism.  Policy Racism is where policy intentionally or unintentionally (I say it's ALL intentional) has a Racist, or Racially Disparate outcome.  The federal Government gives them an incentive to do this, because for every felony conviction municipalities get $40,000 for the maintenance and care of that felon.  After Costs, including Labor each prisoner renders a $20,000 or so profit.

They have tried to release people to keep us from Rioting, but of course that's not going to work.  This is why they have the Police Tanks (mostly LENCO Bearcats and Bears) to intimidate people.

Speaking about Police Tanks.

I came to the United Against Hate March to stand up against the Real Ku Klux Klan= the Police. There were hundreds of Ohio and Federal Police Klansmen.  I spit truth and condemnthe actions of Law Enforcement to a large group of Dayton Police SWAT, and Columbus Police Bike Officers.  Later on the Cops came by in tanks and Paraded.   Sadly, one of my recording devices ran out of power right then.  Police Helicopters follow me throughout as I troll Law enforcement.

I read portions of Obadiah telling the Police and Passers by about the destruction of White Western Civilization, and how the Police are agents of Satanic White Western Civilization.

I'm just a Slave Pastor (yes we are slaves to the White Man when Blacks Latinos and Native Americans are worth 7, 8, 10 times less or higher than they are), and when I stand up to Police from tons of Agencies to let them know their Racism is not ok.  It is not about  how I think that I'm powerful.  It's about the necessity of the moment.  The people in Dayton were so distracted by 9 Civilian (Possibly- I do talk about what Lawyers and Prosecutors have reveled to me that Dayton Police are Heavily Klan Infiltrated) Klansmen that they forgot about the real Klansmen on the Police and in the Courts. 

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