Every month when we get our periods, we might sit back and wonder what we could do with all the time we waste dealing with it, the clothes that accidentally got stained because of it, or even the material and blood coming out of our bodies. One woman allegedly decided to answer that last question in a way that might actually make you gag: she collected her period blood in a jar for a year and a half and used the collected fluids to make cookies. You might have already gagged from hearing that, and you’re not alone, because I’m writing this in a state of disbelief and disgust that this was an idea that even entered someone’s head and stayed there long enough to become a reality. However, period blood has been used for some pretty interesting things over the course of history, and while I wouldn’t recommend doing what this woman did, the other ways menstrual blood has been used over the course of time actually aren’t quite so horrifying. Here’s the story of the woman who made cookies with a year’s worth of period blood, and what she could have done with all of that blood instead.