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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Kenneka Died from Organ Trafficking Body Parts Blood Sacrifice Voodoo Luciferian Necromancy

I talk about all of the angles with Kenneka, and why she died:

1.  She died and it's an accident.

2. She was put in the freezer for immediate organ harvesting.

3. She was put in that freezer to part out her body parts to be sold to Witches all over for satanic sacrifice.

But, I have the conclusion on what the most high has shown me.

Other things I talk about

The Clintons, Voodoo, Summoning, Lucifer, and Body parts.

- Marriage, and how It would have been a good idea for Kenneka to have been "wifed up" doing diligent wife's work to distract her from this nonsense.  Focused and up under Proverbs 31.

- Clips from a Voodoo Panel Live Stream answering my questions, and more.

and more

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