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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pastor Cinque VS Jesse Lee Peterson: Felons looking for work VS Felons Starting Businesses

Jesse Lee Peterson thinks having a good Attitude will break down the barriers of having a felony and looking for a job.  Most of the piece I set the case for my final point.  There are 96 Million unemployed adults in America.  It's should be more like 45-55 Million Unemployed Adults in America  There's way too many Tribesmen and not enough Chiefs.  There's not enough businesses in America to employ everybody, much less felons.  So, it would be best if we can get those felons to start businesses.  The Best attitude a Felon could have, is to build something for a bunch of people, a business, a church, etc..

Jesse then goes in on Black Folks, and so I had to remind him of the Deuteronomy 28 curses, and 2 Chronicles 7:14.  Black Folks problems consist of trusting in everything but God.  Whereas Jesse, is trying to have Blacks trust in the systems of this world in his attempt of getting Blacks to blame Black problems on Blacks.  Why so, because the people funding him- the White Companies, trust in this world rather than God and are using religion as Social Control.

The White Companies have become the new Catholic Church using a slave ship Bible Doctrine, instead of getting the people to truly trust in the most high.  They have become the New Pharisees using the Laws of Man (Talmud) to sway people from the Laws of Moses.

Jesse is acting as an Agent to keep you in perpetual slavery.

1. They want Felons (mostly Black ones) as a New Cheap Labor class to replace Migrants, as there will no longer be a need for most professional and governmental services jobs.  These Devils are already setting the stage to make unpaid student loan debts a felony.  When this economy collapses, you won't be able to pay them   There will be Whites with master's degrees working on the plantation.

2 This is why he knows we're Hebrews, but is told to not tell the truth.  The people paying him are Luciferians who believe their God will win, and our Most High the God of Abraham Issac and Jacob will fail.

To them, if they want Black Niggers as slaves forever- they will get that.  However, YOU WILL NOT MOCK GOD AND HIS TIME LINE!  

Yes, Brotha Jesse is held captive by Devils!

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