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Friday, May 5, 2017


Pastor Cinque was correcting his son during a child custody visitation at Erma's House in Dayton Ohio ran by the Catholic Social Services of Miami Valley under an order from the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court.  During these visitations the non-custodial Parents are monitored by a monitor.

This is an account from Pastor Cinque:

 "If my son didn't like something I did, he would go ask the monitor to correct that.  That is a huge problem, because it usurps my parental authority as a father.  This has been an ongoing problem, and instead of continuing to ignore it- I wanted to address it like a Man should do with his child.  I was playing peekaboo with my child and his blanket.  He was laughing and thought that was funny.   Then, he went to the monitor to go tell me to stop it.  I said, 'No Son you can't do that.'  The Monitor looking at me all crazy said 'why not?'  I said, 'because I'm the daddy he doesn't get to see me hardly (due to the order).  He needs to learn to listen to his father.'  In response, the Monitor angrily said 'NO!'

 Then the monitor gets up and calls the Armed Dayton Police Officer in the lobby to come and check me.  The cop listens to the monitor's explanation and rightfully addresses that matter to the Social Worker.  The Social Worker comes, the Monitor explains to the White Social Worker what is going on.  I say, 'Listen, I don't get to see him much.  He has to understand that he can't go to others to usurp my parental authority.'  She says, well you can't do that here.  I said 'What, be a parent?'  She says whatever the Monitor says goes, and I said, but that is not a good thing- that usurps my parental authority.  She then asks for my child to leave.  Then she says, 'what do you want me to do.'  I say, 'as Social Workers you should be supporting me as a father.  Saying, No son, you need to ask your father when he comes to you like that.  Otherwise, you would be supporting and suborning child delinquency.'  Then she says, 'for the safety of children here like I said before whatever the monitors says, goes.  I said, 'you're the ones hurting him by having him not listen to me.' 'Then she says, 'well finish the rest of the visit with your son- we're not going to argue about this again, if you do you will have to leave.'  I Finished the rest of the visit.

I have been trying to call the court all week to report my side of the incident, but couldn't get a response.  The RaceLiesTV ustream live broadcast Sermon has been on. almost a week.  I have been working on some business this week, and wanted those looking on the ustream channel to have the exclusive."


Sirach Chapter 25- Wicked Women


1* With three things I am delighted,
for they are pleasing to the Lord and to human beings:
Harmony among relatives, friendship among neighbors,
and a wife and a husband living happily together.
2Three kinds of people I hate,
and I loathe their manner of life:
A proud pauper, a rich liar,
and a lecherous old fool.
3In your youth you did not gather.
How will you find anything in your old age?
4How appropriate is sound judgment in the gray-haired,
and good counsel in the elderly!
5How appropriate is wisdom in the aged,
understanding and counsel in the venerable!
6The crown of the elderly, wide experience;
their glory, the fear of the Lord.
7There are nine who come to mind as blessed,
a tenth whom my tongue proclaims:*
The man who finds joy in his children,
and the one who lives to see the downfall of his enemies.
8Happy the man who lives with a sensible woman,
and the one who does not plow with an ox and a donkey combined.*
Happy the one who does not sin with the tongue,
who does not serve an inferior.
9Happy the one who finds a friend,
who speaks to attentive ears.
10How great is the one who finds wisdom,
but none is greater than the one who fears the Lord.
11Fear of the Lord surpasses all else.
To whom can we compare the one who has it?


13Any wound, but not a wound of the heart!
Any wickedness, but not the wickedness of a woman!
14Any suffering, but not suffering from one’s foes!
Any vengeance, but not the vengeance of one’s enemies!
15There is no poison worse than that of a serpent,
no venom greater than that of a woman.
16I would rather live with a dragon or a lion
than live with a wicked woman.a
17A woman’s wicked disposition changes her appearance,
and makes her face as dark as a bear.
18When her husband sits among his neighbors,
a bitter sigh escapes him unawares.
19There is hardly an evil like that in a woman;
may she fall to the lot of the sinner!
20Like a sandy hill to aged feet
is a garrulous wife to a quiet husband.
21Do not be enticed by a woman’s beauty,
or be greedy for her wealth.
22Harsh is the slavery and great the shame
when a wife supports her husband.
23Depressed mind, gloomy face,
and a wounded heart—a wicked woman.
Drooping hands and quaking knees,
any wife who does not make her husband happy.
24With a woman sin had a beginning,
and because of her we all die.*
25Allow water no outlet,
and no boldness of speech to a wicked woman.
26If she does not go along as you direct,
cut her away from you.
* [25:12] A numerical saying in threes.
* [25:711] A numerical proverb (9 + 1), in which the tenth element, “the one who fears the Lord,” is the most important.
* [25:8An ox and a donkey combined: the reference is to a man married to two incompatible women (cf. 37:11a); the imagery derives from Dt 22:10.
† [25:11] Other ancient texts read as v. 12:
Fear of the Lord is the beginning of loving him,
and fidelity is the beginning of clinging to him.
* [25:1326] The harsh statements Ben Sira makes about women reflect the kind of instruction young Jewish males were exposed to in the early second century B.C. His patriarchal perspective is as unfair as it is one-sided.
* [25:24] Ben Sira refers to the story of the first sin in Gn 3:16. Cf. 2 Cor 11:3 and 1 Tm 2:14. St. Paul, however, singles out Adam; cf. Rom 5:12191 Cor 15:22.
a. [25:16Prv 21:91925:2427:15.

Sirach Chapter 26

Proverbs 19:18
18Discipline your son while there is hope, And do not desire his death.

Proverbs 29:17

Correct your son, and he will give you comfort; He will also delight your soul.

Hebrews 12:6-8:
6For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises everyone He receives as a son.” 7Endure suffering asdiscipline; God is treating you as sons.For what son is not disciplined by his father? 8If you do not experience discipline like everyone else, then you are illegitimate children and not true sons

That was Clear Pill:

Pastor Cinque uses this in a live broadcast Sermon (Clear Pill Philosophy- the Truthful Bible, which is clarity) to teach men about the consequences of true fatherhood in this world in light of this incident.

Regardless of how you feel about the Pastor's Politically Incorrect Rhetoric, you are implored to agree that this incident is an injustice, and this kind of injustice being allowed to stand can spread to you regardless of your whatever! Could you imagine getting into a Protest Crime, eventually with consequences of it landing you in prison, and then you're only allowed to see your child whenever they say (your prima facie parental rights have been taken away- and that's enough of an unconstitutional slippery slope) when you have displayed no form of danger towards your child?

Hillary's folks on the left along with these Kaisich Neo-Conservatives= both are all on the same team.... are trying to demoralize Pastor Cinque, and re-shape his mind with nonsense.  When he was locked up, they were so desperate for the Pastor to give up that they were saying things like "I know what would be a good idea, if you were to stop your politics and your business and start a dog shit removal company."  To some of you this may seem like a good idea, but to the Pastor this feels like taking advantage of people's laziness, and the pastor can't do that everyday from house to house with his physical condition.

On top of that, they tried to throw everything and the kitchen sink to get the Pastor to give up the Truthful Bible, or take the rigged Hollywood Church path- KINGDOM NOW!  They threw Moors, and Egyptologists (Black Woman Worship/ Black Luciferianism) at him.  They even put him in cells with Muslims, and Gays (that's pretty much a religion now) to see if those things (which he already knew about since very tender pre-teen ages)  would throw him off.  They tried to see if they could make Money his religion. They threw in fake end times Dispensationalists (which as we've said before are British Intelligence- just like the Mormons), Fake 2 Timothy chapter 3 Coon Pastors who have no backbone and are leading captive silly women astray, while robbing their pockets

Even the Mainstream white Luciferians showed up.

This is why we who used to be open working with these people on common goals before the arrests, now refuse to really seriously work with these people, because Prison showed the Pastor how fake these people were.  Most of this movement is fake as hell filled to the brim with infiltrators (Feds, Army, UN, Catholics, etc..)  guiding the masses to get the outcome they are trying to socially engineer.  Not what we are trying to socially engineer.

There were cops and guards who said, you should stop, because the next time they are going to try to kill you- reminding the Pastor that Ohio is a White supremacist state where Black men can't do what he was trying to.  Saying, "Real Black Men like yourself can't go out around these White supremacists with guns protecting himself and his community.  You can't try to prevent Racism.  Give up your life's work and what you went to school for."  

If it's going to be like that, then, this current form of America is done guys!  INJUSTICE CAN NOT STAND!  We have to build a new future and strive everyday to behave as such, towards that new better future.

That requires:
and confrontation,
and self sacrifice,
and pain,
and even death.

and Becoming a "Banned Person" around even their own child!

Like Pastor Cinque.  

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