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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Pastor Cinque talks about the take down of Bill Cosby and the Attempted Takedowns of Tiger Woods using:

Isaiah 7= Ahaz Spiritual Fornication and Adultery Doomed his People/

2 Kings 16= King Ahaz Spiritual Fornication and Adultery- doomed his people

Testament of Judah 3:23= In that day The richest of your men will have everything taken from them, the poorest will have very little and even that will be taken away.

Micah 7: 1-6= In that Day even the Best as well as the most holy of your Men will get jacked up and brought low.

Unlike Jesse and Al, Pastor Cinque plays the Race Card for Bill Cosby.

Pastor Cinque is about Principle, they can't just take down a Black Billionaire like that in a country where brothas are in and out of the Penitentiary for selling only $300 worth of drugs per week.  Yes, there's that many Black Drug Dealers now many of them can only make $300 a week.  Drugs have become so un-lucrative Many Black Drug Dealers are either becoming "Mouse to Cheese Pimps" (have a house full of dope whores that trick and give them money and they get dope in return for that money) or trying to find a Job in a very tight job market!  THE RISK SELLING DRUGS HAS NOW BECOME, MUCH , MUCH GREATER THAN THE REWARDS!

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