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Monday, January 9, 2017

PASTOR CINQUE- SERMON: How Abortion Destroyed Black Lives Matter


1. Numbers Chapter 5:11-31= The Fidelity Test.  Like Black Slave Women, these women took root to Abort babies.  In this case however, where the fidelity test is concerned the act was administered by a priest.  This is a God ordained Abortion for Infidelity.

2. 2 Kings 15:16= Menahem did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, and forced Abortions on Women by cutting babies out of their stomachs.  They make Women too poor to afford a baby, and then she aborts the baby.  Today's Racist American Economic Violence is just as bad as them doing a Chinese Foxconn forced Physical Abortion, BECAUSE IT LEADS TO ABORTIONS- THE WORST KIND, VOLUNTARY.

3. 2 Kings 17:17-20= Judah and Israel Willingly Sinned and committed mass Abortions for Molech (pizzagate) Child Sacrifice.  Blacks and others today are doing the same.  This is why they put baby parts from Abortion Clinics in fast food and comfort snacks.  It's to complete the Mass Cannibalism requirement for the Molech Sacrifice,

4. Ezekiel 23:45-48= Abortion comes from Sinful activities and mindsets.  Therefore, the Punishment for Abortion= BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER!

Etan Fraser, and certain sections of Black Lives Matter by supporting Abortion Kill the effective population power of Blacks so BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER!


- Pastor Cinque, Death to America Ministries  Rise up and Come out Church Hebrews in Christ

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