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Saturday, June 16, 2018



 1619-1620- 2019-2020 is fake and this is going to make 2020 very dangerous 400 years is not true Exodus 12:40, Ezekiel 5

* THE END OF CREDIT AS WE KNOW IT SUBJECTS:  When you look up the term Credit Dependency and Black Women on Google, you do not get the search results you want.  Instead the results are the usual trope about how Black Women are dependent on Government Program after government Program.  That is a Conservative talking point that is true, but as much as the Conservatives are our enemies.  If the mainline Liberals (who are also our enemies) were our friends they would be as gung ho or more about Credit Dependency as the Conservatives are about Government Dependency.  Pastor Cinque knows for a fact the Liberals are nothing but our enemies.

* Your Leaders and the White Supremacists are totally working together
-  Malcolm X Islam and the KKK
- Pastor Cinque vs the real Traitors
* The coming Police Riots= we will win and be given concessions.  They will call it "reparations' when it's just a temporary stop gap.  More on Part II about this subject.